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Submitted on
October 6, 2013


I just broke my clipboard out of frustration with a mechanical pencil.  Now I really have nothing to draw on at all.  I've been using that clipboard since Comp USA went out of business.  Now I gotta buy a new one. 

  • Mood: Grouchy
  • Reading: Franken-Castle
  • Watching: Halloween 1, 2 & 3
  • Eating: Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Fudge Wafers
  • Drinking: Tea of the iced variety.
ScruffyScribbler Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
broke what out of frustration? a "clipboard" to me is a piece of plastic/wood thingy to hold papers on... like a lapdesk. I am assuming you mean something digital? sucks bro... if i still had my old one, i'd mail it to you.
No, it was an actual clipboard.  All my traditional art is done on one since I don't have anywhere else in my apartment to draw on. It's more me being upset with myself because I let a drawing get me that aggravated.  It wasn't even that good of a drawing, really.  I put my fist through it (and nearly the drawing) in a fit of unnecessary rage. 

I have an issue with hoarding.  Nothing like the shows, but it's noticeable.  And I get attached to certain things, especially something I work with on a near daily basis for... 6 years.  So I felt like shit after breaking the board.  Not like I can't easily replace it (finding time is another story).  Just an attachment issue.  At least I didn't try to keep it.

My tablet's fine, for the most part.  It's working like a mouse at least.  So I can use it like that.  Thanks for the offer, though.
ScruffyScribbler Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hello, pot. my name is kettle! :) we're like twins
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